Faith for a Mate Course

Faith For a Mate

Finding Faithful Love Appears To Be Hard If You’re Not Making This One Simple Tweak 

– From a Happily Married Church Lady 

You see, 

sometimes when church women seek love,

they end up feeling they have to go extreme lengths to find a meaningful


But In reality, that's what’s holding them BACK.

Once I shifted my perspective, I realized the love I longed for was much closer than Initially thought


To attracting faithful love organically without compromising my FAITH

You see, many Christian women today feel they have to:

X Resort to dating sites

 X Go on awkward dates

X Compromise their faith to have a chance at romance 

BUT believe it or not this perspective is actually hurting more than helping 

Stats say 94% end up with a bunch of mismatches who don't vibe with their deep-rooted values and beliefs.

Because In reality the picture below shows how enlightening a shift in perspective can be for a church woman

AND when i realised that a perspective shift could affect every aspect of my love life, I

Got Excited like crazy

Because Instead of feeling like finding love was impossible , I realized I was much closer to finding a spouse

The only reason I am telling you this is...

I've decided to put 6 perspective changes you need for lasting love into a course

The result?!

500+ happy women 

The best thing!

And You don't have to deal with endless swipes, awkward dates…., second guessing, uncertainty.. Or rely on scattered information

These are the 6 perspective changes you need, 

  • To make authentic connection
  •  Have meaningful conversation 
  • and nurture relationships that could blossom into something beautiful

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Faith for a Mate Course

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