Faith for a Mate Course

Faith For a Mate


This fascinating course launched in 2016 has helped many single women across the world and is now on this brand-new platform.

For single women in church futilely awaiting the pursuit of a good man, this animated course gives a fresh perspective on meeting your lifetime spouse. 

Packed with insightful information and illustrations, it offers practical insights for creating more relationship opportunities than you could imagine.

While many find that online dating and singles socials aren't producing results, this course really delivers. 

The addendum further provides valuable contemporary applications, using novel examples such as Facebook.  Your view of finding a spouse will never be the same again...guaranteed!  A surprise bonus e-booklet is included too!

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The course structure is as follows:


Introduction by the author Revd David King (3:35)

The Stories

Lesson 1 - Zipporah (5:14)

Lesson 2 - Ruth (10:06)

Lesson 3 - Eve (5:53)

The Objections

Lesson 4 - Finders, Hunters and Leaders (5:40)


Lesson 5 - Faith in Action (7:29)

The Next Steps (with scripture reference guide) - pdf


I. Understanding Pursuit  (1:48)

II. Two Types of Pursuit (2:56)

III. The Art of Pursuit (3:23)


Does God tell us who to marry? - 3-part series (17:56)

The verdict on internet dating - 6-part series (33:19)

Thinking of yourself more highly than you ought (5:00)

Why aren’t singles meeting at conventions? (8:43)

Lessons from employers and their recruitment processes - 3-part series (11:25)

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Practical help for women seeking a husband.

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Faith for a Mate Course

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